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After 50 years of a career dotted with success and awards in Italy and all over the world, more than 80 millions albums sold and over 2000 concerts, Umberto Tozzi gives his farewell to the live scene with an extraordinary worldwide tour, 'L'ULTIMA NOTTE ROSA: THE FINAL TOUR,' that will cross three countries between 2024 and 2025.


The artist will celebrate the must-see grand finale dedicating to the Italian public two date events in magical and suggestive venues, on June 20 at Terme di Caracalla in Rome and on July 7 in Piazza San Marco in Venice.


There will be other six special dates in Italy in 2024: on August 22nd at Villa Bellini in Catania, on August 28th in Macerata at the Sferisterio, on September 4th in Piazza dei Signori for the VICENZA IN FESTIVAL, on September 13th at the Reggia di CASERTA, on October 5th at the Forum in MILAN, and on October 12th at InAlpi Arena in TURIN.


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